even if justin is in a bad place with the media and the press, i s2g he wouldn’t give two fucks about what anybody else thought of him just as long as he knew you still loved him. no matter how many insulting headlines or awful paparazzi encounters there were, he wouldn’t care at all because the only thing that matters to him is what you think of him. and whenever you’d see the latest news on your boyfriend, you’d make sure to ask him if he was okay with it all, and then there’d be a short silence between you two and he’d take a breath and ask “are you disappointed in me?” to which you’d shake your head and say “no, of course not.. everyone makes mistakes,” and then justin would just grin and say “then i’m okay”

imagine running away with justin, just leaving everything behind and running off without a second thought. it’d be something spontaneous, like he’d wake you up in the middle night and just flat out say “run away with me” and you’d only say yes because you’d still be half-asleep without a clue of whether it was a dream or not. and so you two would drive off into the middle of the night, the only things in your hand being some cash and a polaroid camera - no phones, nothing that could disturb your disconnection from you two and the rest of the world. and after you two had made it far from civilization, speeding down a deserted road with your legs crossed over the dashboard and your hand in justin’s, he’d turn and look at you with the slightest smile on his lips and you’d smile back and laugh because you wouldn’t be able to believe what you’d gotten yourself into.. but it wouldn’t matter because you’d do anything for him, because you knew you adored every bit of him and because he felt the exact same about you.


justin is such a freaking dork okay like i bet he’s the type of boyfriend who’s always stumbling over you or laying himself on top of you when you’re trying to relax –– stuff like that. you could be making a meal in the kitchen, or reading a book in bed, and out of nowhere that boy would just toss his arms around you and drop all his weight and then you’d stumble or lose your breath, and then you’d laugh and hit him in the shoulder for attacking you and once he was on his feet again he’d pull you into his arms and say the same old, stupid excuse: “sorry, i didn’t see you there” like i just ugh

justin’s probably so tired when he gets home from recording in the studio. you could be all cozied up on the couch with the tv on mute and a book in your hands when you’d hear the front door open and close and justin would be dragging his feet across the floor until he was stood in front of you. you’d look up at him with a soft smile and ask, “how’s that number-one single coming along?” and he’d smile tiredly and say “it’s coming” and then just collapse on top of you cause that’s how exhausted he is… plus he likes the little giggle you let out when you try pushing his sleepy bum off of you. then once you two would get comfortable on a couch made too small to fit you both, justin would fall asleep almost instantly cause you’d be tracing aimless patterns on his chest and reaching up to run your hands through his hair every now and that just knocks him right out, okay i’m done bye.

So after tonight, I think we should all come to realize that this blog is rarely, let alone ever, going to get updated until June when school ends.  I’m unable to keep up with when I say I’ll post a one-shot, and I can’t force myself to write under the circumstances where I set specific times for when I’ll post my writing.  It’s not fun having to write on a schedule, and it doesn’t bring out the best in my writing to be honest.  It’s like I’m writing an essay the night before it’s due and the whole thing just turns into bullshit, and I didn’t make this blog just to post shitty imagines.  I wanted to make other people happy through a boy who makes me (and you all) happy!  If you unfollow, that’s okay because I understand since I rarely update, but I just want it to be clear that I probably won’t be updating often (not that I ever was in the first place), until I can catch a break with school.  I’ll mostly be posting long imagines or maybe just normal imagines for you all when you least expect them.  The one-shot that I “promised” would be posted by tonight might be postponed until Monday or even next Saturday –– I really don’t know.  I just can’t force myself to write things, you know?  It’s not how writers (or just myself, at least) function.  I need inspiration, and like I said before, I can’t write on a schedule. I hope you guys understand and I hope you’ve had a better week than I did. Thanks, dolls. Goodnight. xo

Anonymous asked: Can you please do a one shot where Justin and his girlfriend do the 'Girlfriend does my makeup/ Boyfriend does my makeup tag' ??

i’ve written a one-shot with this plot already, babe! you can read it here. xo

fuckrjustin asked: hi, so I've been getting message saying I stole a one shot of yours, which I just read, and I'll admit that they are similar, but I really did not steal your work. at all. honestly, I'm a big fan of your blog and I know how wrong and frustrating plagiarism is and I would never do that to anyone, never the less, you. so, I know they seem similar and i realize that after reading yours, but i literally just read it. I had no idea and I'm sorry if it looks like I'm stealing your work. thanks, xx

don’t worry about it, babe! if you know what you wrote is your own writing, just forget about what anyone else says cause your work is yours and you deserve to take credit for your own ideas. i don’t usually look for people stealing my writing anymore, so even if what people are saying is true, i wouldn’t care much. but thanks for clarifying, dear. keep up the good work on your blog!! xox 

imagine waking up in bed next to justin and you turn your head just slightly to find him still dreaming away and his lips kinda twitch into a little smile every now and then and he lets out the cutest little mumbling noises and you decide you wanna go make the two of you some breakfast so you try crawling out of bed without waking him but all of a sudden you realize he’s got his arms wrapped around you and when you try getting up he tightens his grip around your waist really quickly and murmurs in his sleepy, morning voice “where ya goin, babe?” and you smile and say “was just gonna make us some breakfast,” but he pulls you back into him and cuddles you close and whispers “just five more minutes… please?”

imagine justin trying to write you a song and he lets you watch from the couch while he’s seated on the coffee table and he’s got his guitar and a notebook and it’s really late and he’s just strumming really lightly and trying to figure out which lyrics work the best while his tired, raspy voice echoes through the room. he’s only half-way through the song when you feel your eyelids getting heavy and as much as you wanna stay up to hear his finished song, you can’t help falling asleep but it’s okay because justin notices as soon as you shut your eyes and he sets down his guitar and wraps you up in a blanket and kisses your head and you hum softly and try apologizing for being so tired and say “i’m not sleeping, just resting my eyes. finish your, babe.” and he just shakes his head and says “it’s okay, you can hear it in the morning. go to sleep.”

i bet justin would do things just to get you upset because he thinks you’re “really cute when you’re angry” and he likes seeing you get all aggravated so one night you get really pissed because you two were at a party and he was avoiding you like the whole time so once you get home you go straight up to your room to shower and justin follows you upstairs and he’s leaning against the doorframe with that stupid lost puppy look in his eyes but he’s still kinda smirking like a dick and he’s like “you mad at me, baby?” but you don’t answer and you try to walk past him because you really just want to be alone but he grabs you by the waist and pushes you against the door and though you really don’t want to talk to him you have to admit you really wanna kiss him but none the less you say “justin, let me go” and he laughs and says “ooh you really are mad” and you scoff and he leans in real close and whispers in a gravelly tone “did i make you upset, babygirl? why don’t you take out your anger on me…” i’m convulsing omg

clubbing with justin would be so great but i think it’d be a little hard for you to let loose because he’d literally be stuck to you like glue all night cause he’d be possessive about you, you know. like you two would be on the dance floor and every time he’d notice another guy looking at you, he’d pull your body closer to his and tighten his grip on your sides and you’d try telling him that he doesn’t have to be so worried cause you both came here to have fun, but before you could say another word he’d shut you up by grinding his hips against yours and grabbing your face in his hands. then he’d keep you waiting for a moment until kissing you til your lips were swollen and then he’d have that stupid smirk on his face like that dumb little grin––you know what i’m talking about––yeah then he’d lean in close and say in a forward, monotone kinda voice, “it’s kinda hard to have fun when every guy in this place has got their eyes on my girl.”

most of you are probably in school, but my school cancelled classes today because of the weather so now i have time to write something for ya’ll!

i could either write a one-shot, or a bunch of long imagines. so for the lovely people online, have you any preferences?

credit ♥