ok i know i have a lot of requests to fill but can i just babble for a minute about something ––  imagine being da bestest of friends with justin and you guys kinda like each other but you’ve never taken things further than flirting and lil affectionate touches here and there but it’s nothing serious cause you’re friends and neither of you wanna ruin the friendship so you’ve made this unspoken agreement to not get serious, so let’s say justin has a crush on this girl who you’ve supposedly met before like he says you know her and he always talks about how much he likes her but he’s too scared to do anything about it cause he doesn’t want things to get weird if she turns him down so eventually you get sick of his complaining over this girl and tell him to just talk to her already cause she’d be an idiot to turn a cutie like him down so he agrees and you help him get ready on the day he decides he’s gonna ask her out and before he walks out the door to go to her house he’s like “do i look alright?” and you’re like “yes you look fine now go" and then he gets serious and is like "promise?" and you nod with a smile and stroke his cheek for reassurance and say "i promise. now go and get that date" and he practically lights up at your words and sprints out the door and you’re kinda hurt cause you like justin a lot and it’s nice to see him happy but you always thought in the back of your mind that you and him would end up being a thing then before you can think any further someone’s knocking at your door and you open it to find justin standing there again and you wonder if he’s forgotten something but before you can ask he pulls out the rose you suggested he get for his crush and smiles at you and says "so uh, i know this is kinda unexpected and all but i was wondering if you’d like to go on a date with me?" wow i took this way too far g o o d b y e

my mom needs my computer for the night cause she has work stuff, so i’m sad to say ya’ll won’t get a one shot from me until tomorrow. sorry, bbys. 😔💙

Anonymous asked: I know you're busy and you have a life love haha but I was wondering if you could promise you will write all of those requested one shots you said you got when you are able to?

oi, i can’t promise i’ll write all of them because i got some that i don’t believe should be written if that makes any sense?? i’m picky about plots, but i’ll write what i can! :) xo

Anonymous asked: oh my god the one shot you just posted was amazing babe :)

ty, babe. glad you liked it :)))) xo

Watch You (Contains Mature Content)


A/N: You guys sent in a boatload of requests and lemme’ just say ya’ll are some horny lil shits okAy, TONE IT DOWN. This is my first mature one-shot in a while, so gimme a break ‘cause I’m kinda’ rusty on the dirty writing (+ I’m sorry the ending is shit ok). Enjoy. xo

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Anonymous asked: pleaaase start writing some of your requests love :(

i’m writing as much as i can today, babe! i’ll probably have one up tonight and another up tomorrow afternoon or sometime around then. xo

Anonymous asked: hey beautiful:) I was just wondering if you were coming back?:( I miss your writing

hiya, dear. don’t worry; i’ll have something posted soon enough. might not be as soon as you’d like, but i promise i’m working on it! xo

Anonymous asked: If you ever stop writing fan fics I think I would die. Seriously. Please keep writing I love you so much <3

i’m sure you’d survive, but just to be safe, i’ll keep writing for ya. (; xo



Let Your Lips Be the Air I Breathe







A/N: Recently recovered and finished this as it’s been in my drafts for months on-end, and I’m assuming that all these requests mean people still want to read something like this, so here it is! Personally, I really like this even though the plot is so over-done (seriously, if this plot was a steak, it would be burned to ash). Anyway, I hope you all enjoy! xo

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But When You Call Me “Baby…” (I Know I’m Not the Only One)

Summary: You and me, we made a vow: for better or for worse.  I can’t believe you let me down, but the proof’s in the way it hurts. (x)

A/N: This is a sad one. I honestly teared up while writing it because the topic of it breaks my heart, but I hope you enjoy anyway. xo

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neonbiebs asked: I just hope your "soon" doesnt mean 4+ months lol

it doesn’t, lol.

(p.s. your icon is everything omfg )

Anonymous asked: Don't tag Justin Bieber imagines to things that aren't imagines or Justin related

when have i ever done that, though??

Anonymous asked: i feel like if you and justin ever went through a rough patch there'd be nights where you're annoying the shit out of him but he wont say anything cause he doesnt want to start a fight cause he knows if you guys fight he wont be able to hold you at night and he already hadnt been able to sleep the past couple of nights and he knows he sleeps better when he's holding you so he just stays quiet and idk man
credit ♥